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I’m Jennifer Peepas, the writer behind, an advice blog I started in 2011 with the idea of using my skills as a screenwriter to help people find the words for difficult conversations.

With eight years of history, an archive of more than 1200 questions, a spin-off fan forum, fan gatherings on at least four continents, a whole glossary of terms like “the Darth Vader Boyfriend” and “the Jerkbrain” worming their way further and further into pop culture, is your still home for all things awkward and weird in the world of human interaction - just in a slightly different format. Same discussion rules, same question mailbox, same mix of friendly help and swear words, different look. A free subscription sends posts you’re accustomed to straight to your inbox, plus bonus content for paid subscribers. The archives are still searchable and will always be free.

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Why Substack?

Blame/thank Queen Of Internet Community-Building Nicole Cliffe and Substack-Founder Hamish McKenzie, who talked me into giving it a try. They came at me like: “You’re a writer! Can it be simpler for you to make a living at it?” and I was like “PLEASE YES TELL ME MORE.” And the more I learned, the more I liked.

For years the readers of Captain Awkward Dot Com have generously supported my work, through the seasonal pledge drives, ongoingPayPal donations, and by supporting me on Patreon. I hope you’ll keep reading and supporting the work in whatever way is easiest and most comfortable for you, but I’m hoping that Substack’s model and simple price-setting becomes a reliable way to earn a living from this work I love so much. I appreciate your support and trust as we launch and test out this new venture together.

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